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Dear President Trump,

My name is Wang Fuhua. I am a teacher from mainland China. In this letter, I will tell you my unbelievable true story that still hurts my heart.

In my heart, I know you are the best president because you make the United States strong and bring peace and justice to the world. I know that you are very busy, but I still hope that you will spend a few minutes to read this letter. The true story described in this letter, like a drop of water in the sea, reflects the situation of a large crowd in mainland China. I sincerely hope that you will help these people when you meet with China’s president Xi Jinping. 

My body and spirit were on the verge of collapse when I was twenty. At that time, various diseases such as hepatitis B, salpingitis, low back pain, and anemia affected me every day. I was very depressed and couldn't find any happiness in my life. 

Fortunately, in May 1995, I was introduced to Falun Dafa (Falun Gong). My health greatly improved when I practiced "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" and did Falun Dafa exercises every day. My life became peaceful and happy. In just one year, all my illness had gone. What a wonderful time of my life! I feel myself living in paradise.   

Unfortunately, in July 1999, the Chinese government CCP launched a campaign to persecuteFalun Gong. My life suddenly becamehell. In just one year, I was deprived of all living conditions. I lost my job, and I was kidnapped and imprisoned six times by the Chinese police. I was sentenced one and a half years for not giving up the practice of Falun Dafa.Mysentence was extendedfor another year. In this long two-and-a-half-year period, I struggled between life and death every day. 

Below, there are two circumstancesof persecution that happened to me.

In May 2000, I was sentenced to death by the police. They forced my arms to go "one back from the shoulder, one hand from the waist up." Because the two wrists are difficult to close together, the police grabbed both hands and forced them together, and my arms felt like they were breaking. I was then made to separate my feet and stand in horse stance with my head up. The police stepped on my feet and beat me from time to time as I stood in horse stance. One policeman taunted me with his handcuffs. Another policeman kicked me to the ground and forcefully dragged me back into the horse stance position. Then a policeman lit a cigarette and blew smoke into my nostrils and insulted me: "You Falun Gong don’t smoke? You will smoke plenty today." The pain was unspeakable and constantly kept increasing and intensifying. The smoke from the cigarette made my eyes water. I was soaked with my own sweat and tears. My whole body collapsed from pain and exhaustion. I lost the feeling in my hands when I regained consciousness. It was not until four months later that my hands returned to normal.

Great pain has brought my body to the limit, but I have no resentment toward the police. I am reminded of what Falun Dafa Master, Li Hongzhi, taught us. My consciousness is very calm, and my mind is empty.

In March 2001, I was jailed in Zhuzhou, Hunan. I started a hunger strike to protest my persecution. During the hunger strike,more than a dozen police and surveillance prisoners force-fed me. A man grabbed my head and another man pinched my nose while several others grabbed my limbs. They made me eat a cockroach. Then the police held a sharpened bamboo tube and grinned. I couldn’t move, and I instinctively tightened my mouth.

Finally, I struggled to break them off. Chen Wei, the captain of the police, said with anger: "Give me strength, press her tightly, press her tightly." The police screamed hard and the sharpened bamboo knocked out my teeth. Blood poured out from my mouth. The monitoring prisoners could not bear to look at me. The police hysterically used the sharpened bamboo to pick up my teeth. Blood spurted out of my mouth. Three teeth were uprooted and pulled out by the police. A tooth rushed into my stomach along with the flowing food. Two bloody teeth fell on my body. The prisoners looked at me in horror, and no one dared to hold me.

Because I resisted infusion, I escaped the injection of the drugs "Hibernating" and "Hibernation No. 1" which are used by doctors to damage the central nervous system. It was a shocking secret that a good monitoring prisoner took the risk to tell me. Xia Ting, Chen Chujun, and other Falun Dafa practitioners had dementia after being injected with "Hibernating Spirit." They lost their memories, had endocrine disorders, and could not maintain their balance while walking.

I saw my friend Chen Xiangxiang brutally force-fed to death while in custody. Many Falun Dafa practitioners were repeatedly arrested by the Chinese government and received heavy punishment. For example: Guo Zhaoqing and Huang Duohong were sentenced to ten years. My local Falun Dafa practitioners Li Jumei, Xu Yunyan, and Wen Ling have been sentenced to seven to several years. Liao Songlin and Liao Zhijun's father and son were both sent to the prison not long ago.  My former neighbor Wu Jianming was recently arrested. According to statistics, nearly 5,000 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested in mainland China in 2018. 

I am very fortunate to come to the United States, but many Falun Dafa practitioners are still in this dangerous and difficult situation. I hope that you would talk to China’s president Xi Jinping to stop the persecution to Falun Dafa in China, to stop the brutal physical and mental torture, to end this catastrophe and save thousands of lives by bringing the first offender Jiang Zemin to global public trial. 

Dear President Trump, please do your best to help these kind people escape these dangers.

Thank you!


Wang Fu Hua 

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