Defending human dignity through fine arts

In 2005, the world learned that prisoners of conscience were being systematically murdered in Chinese state hospitals. These lungs, hearts, kidneys are advertised and sold to wealthy transplant patients and medical tourists. Over the years, investigators have brought to light the scope and horror of this practice, which they believe continues covertly a decade later.

Canadian researchers, David Matas and David Kilgour estimate that between 2000 and 2008 alone, over 60,000 Falun Gong practitioners were killed for their organs

Furthermore, abundant anecdotal evidence obtained through phone calls to Chinese transplant hospitals suggest that the prisoners’ organs are harvested while the person is still alive. Such a horrific reality is hard to believe, but even harder to deny.

Politicians, human rights organizations, and the medical community continue to raise awareness on this issue in their various arenas.

So how can artists help? Visual art has a unique power to move the human heart to kindness. You can use your talent to help to stop this forced organ harvesting. We hope that you are moved to contribute your best work to move viewers’ conscience. 

Whether you work in Chinese or Western painting, or the graphic arts, or photography, or poetry, you can speak out against organ harvesting through your art. Your artworks will frighten the perpetrators and awaken conscience in the kindhearted.

Joining is free of charge and open to all artists with professional training in representational forms.

If you are not ready to join or you are not a professional artist, you can make your voice heard. Sign this petition to the United Nations.

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